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PEIMS - Public Education Information Management System

What in the world does that mean???  PEIMS is basically all the reporting for all the departments in the entire district and it is managed and then sent to TEA.  If the state wants to know how many students in GISD are Hispanic and Gifted/Talented, that is supplied by the PEIMS Department.  If the state wants to rate accountability, most of the data comes from what is submitted to the state in PEIMS.  How many teachers work in the district, get it from PEIMS.  You are getting the picture!!

On each campus is a Registrar (person responsible for enrolling students) and an Attendance Clerk (person responsible for making all entries regarding attendance in to the Student Information System).  Our District uses Skyward as the Student Information System and that is used to pull data from each campus to be submitted to the state on a regular basis throughout the year with 4 major submissions (fall, mid-year, summer-extended year) and several collections (around 15 right now) that are spread out during the course of the school year.

Each campus Registrar and Attendance Clerk are here to help you and if they can’t, they will find someone who can help.  Please never hesitate to call or email or campuses or the district Director of PEIMS.