MAP - Measures of Academic Progress
The Measures of Academic Progress are computer administered and scored achievement test designed to measure growth in student learning for individual students, classrooms, schools, and the district. Test for mathematics and reading are given in grades 3 - 10. These test yield a national percentile score as well as a growth scale score (RIT). Crandall ISD will administer the MAP assessment in fall, winter, and spring.

The MAP RIT Scale
The RIT Scale is a curriculum scale that uses individual item difficulty values to estimate student achievement. An advantage of the RIT scales is that it can relate the numbers on the scale directly to the difficulty of times on the test. In addition, the RIT scale is an equal interval scale. Equal interval means that the difference between scores is the same regardless of whether a student is at the top, bottom, or middle of the RIT scale, and it has the same meaning regardless of grade level.

Characteristics of the RIT Scale include:
- It is an achievement scale.
- It is an accurate scale.
- It is an equal interval scale.
- It helps to measure growth over time.
- It has the same meaning regardless of grade or age of the student.

MAP Tests Given:
K - 2nd - Reading and Mathematics
3rd - Reading, Mathematics and Science
4th - Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and Science
5th & 6th - Reading, Mathematics, and Science
7th - Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science
8th - Reading, Mathematics and Science
High School - Reading, Language Arts, and Algebra 1


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